About Anita

As Proprietor of M/s Vijayshree Combines, the Nasik Distributors for Cadbury Chocolates, Anita Modak has over 22 years of business experience.  Prior to this, she had a successful career as a Systems Analyst and software consultant for over ten years. 

She had a fascination for Vastu since many years. When her husband and she decided to build their own bungalow, she began an earnest study of the subject. After extensive reading and experiments in her own home, she was convinced of the value of studying the subject in greater depth.  Accordingly, she sought professional training with Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe and completed the “Certificate of Vaastu Visharad” with him.

Anita realized that if a person’s home is not compatible with laws of the universe as described by Vastu, then such a person faces a lot of challenges which may include health, financial aspects, relationships, etc…

The more commonly recommended solution of renovation or reconstruction to rectify the vastu is usually expensive and time consuming. So she searched for more practical, convenient and affordable options. When she came across the PyramidYantra, it felt like this was a dream come true.

She enrolled for a Pyra Vastu course with Sir Jiten Bhatt and procurred the certificate of “PyraVastu Expert” from  the founder of Pyra Vastu.  Later, she continued to study under the guidance of Shree Natekar of Pyramid Yantra, Pune.

Anita’s intention is to help people overcome their Vastu Dosh by fixing PyramidYantra’s.  Using this technique, she hopes to offer an affordable and  effective solution to their problems, and bring Peace and Prosperity into their lives. According to her, Pyramid Yantras can bring in the important factor of good luck, to complement and give fruit to one’s efforts.