The word Homa is Sanskrit word means the process of creating an environment of purity and healing by injecting medicinal and nutrient elements in the atmosphere, through the agency of Fire.

Fire is the only element out of the five, which we have not been able to pollute. It has the capacity to heal and cleanse the other four.

Homa Therapy is a system of healing for the entire planet, not only for mankind. It heals and rejuvenates everything it touches. It creates an atmosphere of positivity.

Homa Therapy is based on the most fundamental principles of the universe. It is a way of spreading positivity to a larger area.

One should do an Agnihotra in their house daily Morning – at Sunrise and Evening – at Sunset, beneficial for the environment as well as well being of one self, financially and health wise too.

If anyone needs Agnihotra Raksha (Ashes) for medicinal purposes – it is readily available with me.

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