Pyramid Vastu

“Pyramid is a microprocessor of Cosmic Energy.  It is an instrument between the energy circuit of Sun, Earth and Moon” – Prof Dr Jiten Bhatt, founder of Pyramid Yantra and PyraVastu.

PyraVastu deals with the roots or vital force, behind all action within it. It is a totally innovative concept of subtle level correction with pyramid yantras based on mind over matter. It deals with our inbuilt power and ability of Mind-Body-Emotion.  This powerful intention at the core level induces energy within us. Thus, subtle energy level correction is more powerful than that done by material or physical means.  First principle in PyraVastu – is that of Mind over Matter.

Mind is more powerful than body in the same way energy is more powerful than matter, yantra is more powerful than constructions and centre is more powerful than yantra.

PyraVastu is a precise interactive permutation and combination of the vital force within and around us known as the “Pynergy”.

PyraVastu is the efficient management of this pynergy network to bring about a positive awareness in and around us. It helps us achieve better emotional, mental and physical state of wellness.

Dr Jiten Bhatt has invented this totally new revolutionary power tool. “Pyramid Yantra

This Pyramid Yantra looks quite similar to the Eygptian pyramids but its working principle is very different and can be used for numerous specific purposes.

(The above is an extract from the book “Pyramid Vastu”  by Dr Dhara Bhatt)