PyramidYantra Remedies


    Swastik –  A Must for every house, office and factory to generate positve energy


Luck & Fortune Card


Pyra Card – Luck and Fortune – for attracting wealth and fortune




Job & Promotion


Pyra Card – Job and Promotions - These cards have a positive impact in terms of career growth and help in eliminating problems being faced at work.



Education Pyramid


Education Pyramid - Education Pyramid Power of Pyramid for Students Success. These education pyramids are useful in enhancing knowledge and wisdom of children. The pyramids are to be placed on the study table.


Harmony Pyramid


Harmony Pyramid - This is a unique device that helps to initiate harmony also improves or develops relationship between two people or organs.



Marriage Pyramid

Marriage Pyramid - Attract You Soul Mate. With the help of these pyramids perfect matches are found within no time. If the client is a male, a photo has to be fixed on fa chamber, and if female then on the maa chamber. The other chamber is to be left blank for cosmic link.

Pyra Fire

Fire purification ceremonies are an integral part of many religions since time immeorial.

Pyra Fire - The fundamental requirement of for pyra vastu is to have fire hramonization.